Hi, My Name Is Joy,
And I’m Passionate About Investment Compliance.  Seriously!

“I’ve been working in the Financial Services industry since 1995.  I had the opportunity to move into investment compliance in 2002 and I’ve never looked back.  I’ve spent the last ten years either working for various asset managers or working as a consultant for asset managers in North America, South America and Europe.  My specialty is assisting clients on the various software platforms that support investment compliance, either proprietary or commercial.  There isn’t an aspect of investment compliance that I haven’t come across in my contacts with over 85 firms.  I can help you with any task your investment or portfolio management team is faced with.  Please see the Contact page for specifics.”

  • Compliance Software Implementations 100% 100%
  • Compliance Software Upgrades 100% 100%
  • Compliance Software, Data And Workflow Enhancements 100% 100%